Woman Tied Pet Dog To A Pole After He Chews Her iPhone And Got Criticized By Netizens


Dogs are the most lovable creatures on this planet, but only their owners know that sometimes they can be a lot to handle. They could create problems that can get them as well as their owners into trouble. From eating homework to chewing wire cables, tearing sofa and creating a whole mess in the house, dogs can cause a lot of problems but we still love them anyway because of their irresistible cuteness and those innocent puppy eyes. But not every one of us is that forgiving. A recently reported incident shows a woman tieing her pet dog to a pole because he chewed her iPhone.

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woman tied her pet dog to a pole because he chewd her iphone

iPhones are costly, we admit, but if they are so important to you then you should place it at some place where your dog can’t reach it, this way ensuring the safety of your phone. A Dog doesn’t know the cost of the phone neither it realizes how much it is important and valuable for you. It’s solely your responsibility to take care of your belongings if you have a pet dog that could destroy it rather punishing the dog.

woman tied her pet dog to a pole because he chewd her iphone

The Nigeria based woman identified as Estelle de Souza tied her little dog with a pole through a red rope. The dog looks terrified and her little puppies eyes can melt anyone’s heart in the first glance. The woman posted the pictures of her chewed iPhone and the tied dog along with a threatening caption that was dedicated to the dog. A lot of people on the internet criticized this woman for her cruelty and was feeling sympathetic towards the dog.

She wrote, “Just went to the toilet and came back to see what this dog has done to my phone

Amadioha cannot save your nyash today. I will flog your future teeth out.


woman tied her pet dog to a pole because he chewd her iphone

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