See the Pictures of Pets Wearing Masks In China Due To Coronavirus Terror


Coronavirus, the disease that is claiming more and more lives every day is hard to battle with. And that is why there are various precautions advised by the professionals that one must take in order to prevent himself from the disease. People with pets are concerned about the health of their pets and are keen towards saving them from the disease as well. They are using disposable surgical masks to cover their mouth to keep them from getting infected. See the pictures below:

However, it is not exactly known yet whether this disease infects animals too or is just limited to humans. But when in crisis, we always think about the family first and people with pets treat them equally to their family members.

As reported by the World Health Organization, β€œit is not known if the 2019-nCoV has any impact on the health of animals and no particular event has been reported in any species”.

But interestingly enough, since the outbreak about the coronavirus, the sales of canine face masks have increased exponentially as reported by NY Post. This indicates the fact that the pet parents are not taking any chances and are doing everything they can to prevent the disease, which I think, is pretty wholesome.

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There are various tweets that are getting viral on the internet that are of the pets wearing the masks. Not only this show the thoughtfulness of pet parents but it also shows how much this disease has terrorized the people.

The stats associated with the Coronavirus are just heartbreaking. The disease that originated from the city of Wuhan in China is not just limited to the area but has some people in different parts of the world as well.

People are advised to be safe from coronavirus by following all the precautions given by the professionals and also keep people around you informed about it. Because it’s the time like this that needs us to show the strength of our unity the most.

See the Pictures of Pets Wearing Masks In China Due To Coronavirus Terror