See How This 34-Year-Old Woman Lost 185lbs Of Weight Without Even Going To The Gym


Maggie Wells, a 34-year-old mother of three weighed 300lbs. This obesity led her to some life-threatening health issues. However, it was not the death that scared her but the lack of photos with her kids. She was afraid that her kids would have no pictures to remember her if something happens. The 34-year-old woman didn’t lose hope and worked really hard on her body. Today, the woman has lost 185lbs without even going to the gym and leading a healthy life.

34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs Without Going To The Gym

“I wasn’t afraid I was going to die because of my weight, but I was afraid that just if something happened, my kids would have no pictures to remember me. My son was 6 at the time and I think we had two pictures together,” said Maggie.

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The dearth of pictures occurred because of her over-weight. The woman was always embarrassed to be in the pictures.

34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs Without Going To The Gym

Well! this deficiency pushed Maggie towards a major transformation. Back in January 2018, the woman decided to change her lifestyle and become fit as others. Let us tell you that Maggie didn’t rely on the gym to lose weight. Rather, she opted for some really healthy ways and lost 185lbs.

34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs Without Going To The Gym

Maggie started working on her diet, she cut out all added sugars and carbohydrate intake. Following the new healthy food plan, she already lost 24 pounds.

34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs Without Going To The Gym

According to Maggie, she didn’t focus on the numbers, she didn’t care about whether it is 200 pounds or even 20 pounds. Instead, she focused on every day, every 24 hours.

34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs weight Without Going To The Gym

After maintaining that food discipline, she then jumped on a ketogenic diet and started taking high-fat and low-carb.

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They lady says that she didn’t have the money to afford expensive gym fees and to spend on exotic cooking ingredients. So she just found a substitute within her regular household things. “I found that this diet can be done by anybody on any budget,” she said.34Yo Woman Lost 185lbs Without Going To The Gym Today, the 34-year-old woman is leading a happy and healthy life with even going to the gym. She says that she feels more happy and lively after this transformation.