Man Went Through Major Weight Loss After His Crush Rejected Him


Rejection is the worst thing, and when you get rejected in love it hurts a lot. Imagine being rejected that too because of your physical structure. Well! here we have got you one such true story where a man got rejected by his crush. Obviously, it was frustrating for him but the bravo didn’t let him down and went through major weight loss.

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Man Went Through Major Weight Loss When His Crush Rejected Him

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The man we are talking about is Mos Sataporn from Thailand. It became even more disheartening for him when his friends also stood against him.

Previously, he was 155 Kilograms and was a center of jokes for everyone around him. Still, he was enduring everything until he got rejected by his crush.

Undoubtedly, the major reason behind his rejection was his over weight.

Mos, who used to be an obese man, owns a mobile phone shop. The major reason that he gained so much weight was his bad eating habits.

Luckily, the guy is taller than the average men in Asia, however his Body Mass Index still fell under the obesity category.

After facing rejection from his crush, he decided to work on his body and changed his food habits. He broke off with all high calorie foods and started eating healthy.

It is not eat, he also joined gym to achieve a toned body. The man says weight loss was one of the most challenging tasks for him. It was really hard for him to suddenly change his lifestyle and eating habits.

Along with gym, he practiced regular exercise at home as well. He found this new lifestyle very hard, he even gave up once but by then he already lost 5 Kg so his selfesteem didn’t allow him to leave.

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Mos said, “If you want to diet, the first thing you have to do is to fight with your inner self. If others can do it, why not you?”

Now, after a long time of hard work and major weight loss the Thai guy lost 75 Kg. Presently he weighs around 80 Kg. Let us tell you that Mos is really popular among the women around him.

This is definitely a slap on the faces of those who made fun of him. After seeing this dashing guy, even the girl who rejected him must be having some second thoughts in her mind.