Indonesian Bride Transforms Into Barbie Through Makeup


Makeup can do wonders to the skin and this bride made the fullest use of makeup on her wedding. Every girl dreams to look most beautiful on her wedding day. This girl from Indonesia wanted to look like a barbie on her wedding day. Like every other girl she was s uper excited for her wedding but unlike every other girl, she made herself and her wedding a topic to talk with her unique idea of dressing up and looking like a barbie.

She got her barbie makeup done and she was looking no less then a barbie with big eyes with green and blue colored lenses, fair skin tone and sharp nose. She wore a gorgeous gown with sparkling tiaras. No one can assume that the before and after photos are of the same girl. She looked like real barbie doll. She wore a blue dress with matching Jewelry and a coronet and a white dress the other day.

This bride became an internet sensation and caught everyone’s eyes. She looked too beautiful and was very much appreciated. Every bride dreams to look like a princess on her wedding and this bride made it right. Some of the people also criticized her decision to look like a barbie on her wedding. They did not understood why she wanted to look so different that she was not even identifiable.

However, the bride and the bridegroom both looked amazing together. Every girl would want to have her wishes fulfilled and look exactly what she wants on her wedding. She made her dream wedding come true.

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