Bride Leaves Groom During Wedding After He Incorrectly Answered A Math Question


We all suck at math, don’t we? But it is pretty obvious that if someone asked you to answer ‘what is 15+6?’, you would be able to answer it if you have proper education regardless of your ability to do the math. But this groom couldn’t and that’s why his bride decided to leave him during the wedding ceremony. No matter how absurd you may find this but this actually proved to be a smart decision made by the bride. Let’s get the details of this story below!

Bride asked groom a simple math question

The story belongs to Uttar Pradesh, India. There was an ongoing wedding ceremony and the bride all of a sudden decided to ask the groom a simple math question that even a child could answer easily. She asked ‘what is 15+6?’ to which the groom replied 17! Yes, 17 was his answer. And that’s when the bride acknowledged that the person she is going to marry is uneducated and initially his family has lied about his education to her family.

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Bride leaves groom during wedding ceremony after he incorrectly answers a math question

As it was an arranged marriage so the family of the bride was not aware of the groom and his education and his family too lied about his schooling. As per the groom’s family, their son was fully literate and educated but the reality turned out to be opposite. It was quick and smart thinking of the bride that saved her from getting married to a wrong guy. Her father too supported her in this decision and everyone in her family got aware of the groom’s false claiming after he incorrectly answered a math question.

Bride’s father, Mohan Singh said, “The groom’s family has hidden information about his poor education. [A] child can easily answer [this question].”

wedding ceremony

Transparency plays an important role in an arranged marriage and people should be honest about everything, keeping someone in disguise is never an option. After this whole thing, the groom’s family tried to convince the woman to continue with the ceremony but she refused. Then the police were called instantly at the place to make sure that they return all the gifts and jewelry that they took from the woman’s family.

bride and groom at a wedding ceremony