Pictures Of Indian-Pakistani Lesbian Couple Who Tied Knot In California Is Winning Hearts


The Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple Bianca Maieli and Saima recently got married in California. The couple tied their knot in a grand traditional ceremony that included a glimpse of the traditions from both cultures. The beautiful pictures from their marriage in California are winning the heart of netizens. Here we have got you some glimpse of their fairy-tale wedding. Scroll down and have a look!

Indian-Pakistani Lesbian Couple Tied Knot in California

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Reportedly, Bianca Maieli is Colombian-Indian Christian and Saima is a Pakistani Muslim. They both met at an event in the US and fell in love with each other.

Indian-Pakistani Couple

Their marriage is not just an example of the victory of love but also showcase the beauty of their respective cultures and traditional ceremonies.

Lesbian Couple

The Indian-Pakistani lesbian couple looked just gorgeous in their outfits.Couple Who Tied Knot In California

Saima, the Pakistani Muslim girl, wore a black sherwani with gold and colorful embroidery, she also carried a matching stole. Coming to accessories, she teamed up her outfit with a pearl neckpiece and gold aviator glasses.

Indian-Pakistani Tied Knot In California

Her other half, Bianca carried a typical Indian look with heavy jewelry. She wore a traditional ivory sari with heavy gold embroidery. To add to her looks, she sported with traditional jewelry including a pearl necklace, maang tika, and bangles.

Bianca Saima Tied Knot In California

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Bianca Saima Lesbian Couple

Let us tell you that it is not just their beautiful love story or stunning photographs that are making the netizens going gaga, even their captions are too cute that you just can’t get enough of them.

Pictures Of Indian-Pakistani Lesbian Couple Who Tied Knot In California

“Life is sweeter with you…” reads Bianca’s caption on a picture she shared on Instagram with her love, Saima.

 Couple Tied Knot In California

“Imperfect candid shots make for the best memories,” reads another from Bianca’s picture. The lesbian couple indeed looked so in love.

Pictures Of Indian-Pakistani Lesbian Couple Who Tied Knot In California

In her other Instagram post, Bianca tells that their stunning pictures bring so much joy to her.

Pictures Of Indian-Pakistani Couple