A Classic And Realistic Marriage Concept Of This Couple From Philippines Goes Viral


A marriage is a legal union, where a man and a woman becomes husband and wife. This concept has been passed down from generation to generation and so is it in the Philippines community. But what is classic about this one marriage concept is that this couple took a realistic step for their after marriage getaway, by riding a cycle. And this video of their getaway ride on a cycle has gone viral on the net.

This concept used by this Philippines couple was basically trying to be economical and not unnecessarily spending lavishly on a marriage.

Marriage in the Philippines begins casually by asking the parents for the hand of the bride to be. Once the approval is given then both the families get united and begin the preparation.

A Classic And Realistic Marriage Concept Of This Philippines Couple Goes Viral On Net

In the Philippines when a marriage takes place, the two families come together as one big community by celebrating and supporting each other.

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The classic part of a marriage in the Philippines is that the government does not allow divorce to take place, once married always married.

They follow a very realistic tradition before marriage also, the boy and girl can only meet one another after the parents approve and that too in front of the parents.

Every couple in the Philippines are trying to be realistic with the expenses incurred, as there marriage is more of demonstrating their true nature and standard of loving.

Almost 400 years, they have been practicing this classic tradition, that is mostly influenced by the Catholic beliefs, which the Spanish ruling for 333 years had endorsed in the Philippines and its people.

A marriage is a very serious commitment and that is the reason many foreigners intend to marry a Filipino woman because of this commitment and of course, their beauty and appealing nature.

A Filipino woman makes the best wife and mother compared to the current standards, truly lovable and faithful to their husband and family.

A marriage here takes place for three days, even Christmas celebration here begins from the month of October. And they also believe that bringing knives as wedding gift is considered bad luck.


The bride and groom’s chest is poked by a needle and the blood taken in a container by the priest, as this is one of their religious tradition. The bride is not supposed to spend a single penny, all expenses are to be borne by the groom.

If it rains on the day of the marriage in Philippines, which the bride prays for, is considered to be a good luck sign and the dress should only be worn on the wedding day not before that, not even for trial.

Neither of the bride and grooms brother or sister can get married in that same year and if by chance anyone drops the wedding ring then it is considered misfortune.

To get married in Philippines is a must and those who do not get married and remain single are considered as an outcast, hence everyone does get married, making them one strong Filipino community.

Click here for the video link of the couple who got married in a very realistic and classic way, that went viral all over the net.