YouTuber Who Disgusts Viewers By Kissing His Sister Now Kissed His Own Mother In New Video


Some people really lack the sense of boundary in relationships. They can do anything for fame and popularity and even get ready to cross all the limits. We have introduced you with a YouTuber named Chris Monroe who kissed his own sister in his new Youtube video for his channel that made almost everybody cringe (the only exceptions are the over-friendly duo of brother and sister). And now he is back again with an even cringe-worthy video where he kisses his mother. Yes, his MOTHER!

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This YouTuber owns a youtube channel named PrankInvasion where he posts various videos of him trying to kiss strangers as a prank. And let us tell you, shameful enough, he almost succeeds. But kissing strangers could be acceptable by some people or in some places, but there could be no explanation in for kissing your own sister and mother.

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youtuber kissed his mother

Seriously somebody needs to stop this person because god knows how many boundaries he will cross just for the sake of his popularity and his Youtube channel. The earlier video sure got him a lot of fame because of it’s absurd and cringe-worthiness but he got dissed a lot and people even started hating this person but that didn’t stop him from posting another video of him kissing his own mother.

YouTuber Who Kissed His Sister On Screen Now Kissed His Own Mother In New Video

The video starts where the YouTuber shows how much criticization he faced after smooching her own sister and he says that now he is going to kiss his mom. Like before, in this video too he lurks around the kitchen and finally asks his mom to do the video with him. He paused in between and wrote that he literally had to beg his mother because she is not agreeing to do this. But they finally sit in front of the camera and kisses each other and that is undoubtedly cringe-worthy.

YouTuber Who Kissed His Sister On Screen Now Kissed His Own Mother In New Video