You Will Never Be Lonely With This Japanese Severed Hand iPhone Case


Designers have the unique ability to intermingle two very different ideas and bringing in something entirely new. These finished ideas might be weird but are sure innovative. Case in point is the new severed hand iPhone case designed by a Japanese brand. If you feel too alone and is in constant need of contact, here’s something that you can get your hands on. Like literally, get your hands on.

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This severed hand is attached to the back of the iPhone case. When you are holding your phone, i.e., every time, you are always gonna hold hands. And, this doesn’t sound weird.

More Info: Hamee | Oddity

Severed hand iPhone case

The inspiration for the severed design is an actual female limb. The designers have left no stones unturned to make it look realistic. From wrinkles to the smoothness, this severed limb iPhone case is no way inanimate. The manufacturer shed some light on the design concept. They wanted their user to feel the same warmth and comfort they feel when they hold their loved ones. Hence, the severed limb iPhone case.


Severed hand iPhone case

Girls if you thought this brand was only concerned about men, think again. They apparently have one variant with a severed men limb too named Yamato’s hand. The female hand is named Nami’s hand.

Severed hand iPhone case

The utility of this iPhone case is yet unknown but it will surely fulfill your life when it comes to emotional comfort. You won’t be lonely anymore. This creepy thing will always be there. And horror movie plots are coming to my head.

Severed hand iPhone case

This severed limb iPhone case is priced at $91 or 10,000 Yen. That’s nothing as compared to the emotional comfort this case will be giving you. My suggestion? Don’t be alone with it in a room.

Severed hand iPhone case

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on this iPhone case.