Heart-breaking Story Of A Man Saying Goodbye To His Wife Of 59 Years


We always make promises of forever and ever. Though we hardly ever keep up to this, but we still promise our significant other that we will not leave each other’s hands till death do us apart. Infact, “till death do us apart” is a common phrase in every wedding. Letting go of a loved one is never easy. However, death is inevitable. Nothing is permanent. We know that nothing is forever but when someone leaves our side, the heart wrenching feeling is still inevitable. Those final goodbyes are never easy. This man says goodbye to his wife of 59 years and our faith in love is restored.

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When a couple stays together for a long time, the ups and downs of life brings them even closer. The couple become two bodies and one soul. And when it comes to the final goodbye, your heart is left wrecked. That’s the story of this man, Bobby, who says the final goodbye to his wife of 59 years.

This man, who had immense love for his wife, reached the visitation period an hour ahead of the scheduled time. He wanted to spend the last moments with his wife. Bobby bent down to kiss his wife for one last time. He said, “I know you can’t hear me, but I love you”. Till the family arrived, he sat by his wife holding her hands while he had time. This man shows us what true love feels like.

Even when the other people were saying her goodbye, he kept seated there. He sat there for almost 5 hours. When you spend 59 years with someone, the final goodbye brings an escruciating pain.

In a Facebook post, an author writes the agony that the old man showed. Bobby was devastated with the loss of his wife. The author was wondering how this old man will spend the upcoming days. 59 years isn’t a small time. Now that she is gone, how will he withstand the memories she left behind. Now he alone will have to face the world made by two people. The goodbye was the easy part. The real pain still awaits this old man.

Man Says Goodbye To His Wife Of 59 Years

Bobby will never feel the love again. He is alone for the rest of his life. But heartbreak shouldn’t stop you from loving someone this intensely. Can you imagine if this man hadn’t loved his wife for the past 59 years, how barren his life would have been? True love overcomes every fear.

No matter how big the fear is, love should still be there. That’s the beauty of love, it overcomes every teary goodbye and every pain.