Unicorn Armpit Hair Is The New Trend To Look Out For


If you thought the year of weird trends is gone and you are walking towards something better, hold your thoughts right there. The new year has just started and another weird trend is already making rounds in the internet. The first viral trend of 2019 is unicorn armpit hair.

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1. No more controversy

Body hairs has always remained a controversial topics among women. In the recent time, women have finally decided to let go of the painful wax sessions and embrace their natural self. With this, people all over the world are taking over the internet to show people their acceptance of body hair. However, the new trend of unicorn armpit hair is something that nobody ever imagined.

2. Other choices

Think the unicorn color trend is too brave a decision for your armpit hair? Well, not to worry. If you are feeling too conscious to chose the bright color palette, you can also opt for some glitters.

3. Celeb inspiration

Take inspiration from celebs like Miley Cyrus who proved that orange is the new black. If you have got long armpit hair that you dare to bare, then you can easily go for the unicorn color trend.

4. Gender neutral

Questions of why should women have all the fun is also coming up. Hence, some men have joined the bandwagon of unicorn color trend. They are already in love with this hottest trend.

5. The dark side

There’s a dark side to everything. The unicorn color trend is also making some people raise questions on rights and personal hygiene. According to them, women are entitled to shave their armpit hairs, and hairy armpits are for men. Also, some said that keeping armpit hair is bad for personal hygiene. However, people are absolutely ignorant to such comments. This color idea is a personal choice and people are welcoming the brightness into their lives.

Every new idea has to face a bit of a backlash but the idea of unicorn armpit color is sure making some statements.