Priyanka Chopra’s Epic Look At The Met Gala 2019 Inspired So Many Hilarious Memes


The Met Gala 2019 is finally over but it has left many hilarious memes behind. Memes based on the extraordinary outfits of the celebrities. The theme of the fashion event gave celebrities a lot more space to be creative and they went all for it. One of the celebrities whose outfit created the most headlines is Priyanka Chopra. No matter what she does, she always managed to remain the topic of gossip by the netizens. Well, let’s get to the good part quickly and let me introduce to all the memes going viral on the internet.

Priyanka Chopra's Epic Look At The Met Gala 2019 Inspired So Many Hilarious Memes

1. Priyanka Chopra did not see that coming

2. Comparing to Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland

3. Spot the difference

4. Result after getting a shock

5. Apparently, people think her hair looks like a mustache

6. People went too far with this

7. Getting inspired by Einstein

8. Matching looks with Sri Lankan cricketer Malinga

9. Another Malinga comparison


10. Priyanka’s dress at the fashion event really did spark a lot of hilarious memes on Social media

11. Difference between your social media handle profile picture and your identity card picture

12. Priyanka’s picture from her Bacherolett and her met gala appearance

13. People really think her look is inspired from the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland

14. Effect of drinking coffee in before and after pictures

15. After you travel in an automatic open rickshaw for a long amount of time

16. These hilarious memes are getting out of hand but it sure tickles our funny bone

17. Like sister like brother

18. Using a Game Of Thrones reference and comparing Priyanka and Nick Jonas to Missandei and Peter Baelish

Like her outfit at Met Gala 2017 where she wore a long trench-coat gown, this look also sparked a lot of memes and we can’t help but laugh on the creativity of netizens.

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