The Photographs of Terengganu Boy Playing With Cattle Have Gone Viral After Winning at an International Forum!


A person holding a camera has his own world of imagination and visualization. They have a different perspective of watching things and then they compose a photograph. Asian Geographic, a Singapore based magazine is renowned across the globe for clicking amazing photographs. Recently, they have added another feather of success to their cap by winning a coveted prize in their annual Images of Asia (IOA) photography competition. A Malaysian photographer Mohd Nazri Sulaiman captured amazing photographs of Terengganu boy playing with cattle. The image captioned as “Sharing Emotion”, grabbed the grand prize in IOA’s Street/People category.

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The photographs took a roll on the internet and went viral. Malaysian people started complimenting the photographs for capturing the real emotions and connection between a Terengganu boy and his farm animals. The young Terengganu boy found it hard to believe that his face and emotions had been presented on such a big international platform where they were awarded. As per the reports, Mohd Nazri’s photo also won other international awards like the Remarkable Award at the 2018 Siena International Photography Awards in Italy. The Terengganu boy shared that his father had reared the cattle and he had been visiting them since the age of 8 and had formed a special bond with the animals.

All the cattle follow his instructions and some of his cows, goats, and buffaloes that are especially close to Mohd Syukur are named Awang, Wahab, Saat, and Boy. He shared that he has even slept with the animals at night.

When the photographs were acclaimed at international forums and went viral, Mohd Syukur shared that he felt very happy and proud when people congratulated and recognized him for the same. He told Harian Metro, “I was not proud when the photos gained popularity, but happy because my father was always looked down upon because he rears cattle for a living. Now, I’m happy because I made my father proud and changed everyone’s perception towards his job.”