People Are Amazed By These Pellucid, $52 Trousers By Asos


Fashion trends keep changing. May it be any celebrity’s disastrous fashion sense people have eventually adjusted with it. But a clothing brand Asos has launched a see through transparent trousers and have left people baffled. The cost of the trousers is $52 (£ 40 approx.). This brand is quite good if you have to pick an outfit for any occasion but some of it’s launches have made people think twice.

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As described by the brand the trousers are something needed for the days that call for a little extra and have a high waist rise. These are the Flounce London sheer organza combat trousers made entirely from polyester. These are totally see through transparent trousers. One twitter user twitte, “I love ASOS but why on earth would you wear that?” 

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This is not the first time this brand has launched something this unique that became a topic to talk about. But last year too the brand launched a Pinstriped trousers that had a denim waistband. The trousers costs £107 ($137 approx.).

Not only these there are many more items this brand has launched that has left customers baffled. These unusual mustanrd colored velvet socks and a green colored lingerie too are something no one would want to wear. These monki velvet socks costs £6 which is approximately $7. According to the brand these mustard socks are described as, “all for personality and expression” then “Monki is the one for you”.

These translucent tights seems to give a look of a mermaid and were thought to be mermaid tights but as described by the brand these tights are said to give a “low-key party attitude.”

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