No Woman Should Have To Ask Her Husband To Help In Household Work


To every wife out there, if your husband is easily annoyed when asked to do chores at home, you are not alone. Often stay-at-home women are faced with the entire responsibility of kids and the house and it can get pretty exhausting. And working men tend to believe that once they come home from work, their duties towards the family are over.

Husband should help with Household Chores

Well, this Aussie blogger named Constance Hall begs to differ. With over 1.3 million followers, Constance is known to share her honest opinions about parenting, motherhood and challenges and experiences of being a stay-at-home mom on her social media pages.

Husband should help with Household Chores

On this matter, Constance  recently wrote:

“Recently while b*tching about the fact that I do absolutely everything around my house with a bunch of friends all singing ‘preach Queen,’ someone said to me, ‘if you want help you need to be specific … ask for it. People need lists, they aren’t mind readers.’”

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After hearing these words, Constance who has four children with her husband decided she should test this theory of ‘asking for help’. On the next couple of days, she started requesting her husband if he could take the trash out, or he could wake up early with their children and if he could do the laundry.

Husband should help woman with Household Chores

But soon she realized that if she stopped asking, no household chores ever got done. After testing the theory, she concluded that giving instructions to her husband seemed ridiculous.

She posted this on her social media:

Husband should help with Household Chores

Husband should help with Household Chores


In a very relatable comment on the post that stood out says ‘M stands for mum not maid and W stands for wife not waitress.’

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We hope all the husbands out there take this as an example and realize that women who are at home taking care of the household chores and children, should not be neglected. And to all the wives out there, you better send the link to this article to your husbands right away!