Old Couple Infected With Coronavirus Says ‘I Will Love You Forever’ To Each Other


It’s harsh to see what a disease can do to humanity and love. Recently the video of an old couple went viral on the internet where the husband can be seen saying ‘I will love you forever’ to the wife. Both of them are infected with coronavirus and are fighting for their life. The video gained a lot of attention and people around the world are feeling their emotions.

The man in the video is 87 years old and he can be seen feeding his wife. The wife is also suffering from coronavirus. The husband gets too emotional and says, “I will love you forever, every single day of forever.”

Old Couple Infected With Coronavirus Says 'I Will Love You Forever' To Each Other

The old couple is placed in the hospital ward next to each other. The husband in the video can be seen feeding food and water to the wife with an infusion bottle.

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People’s Daily, China posted the video on their Twitter handle with a caption that reads, “I’ll love you forever, every single day of forever: An 87-yr-old man diagnosed with #COVID19 held an infusion bottle to visit his wife, also a #COVID19 patient, from the ward next door and patiently gave her water and food. Hope you recover soon!”

The disease that is formally known as COVID-19 is one of the gravest epidemics in the world right now. Coronavirus has already claimed a lot of lives and medical professionals in china are doing everything in their power to treat the patients and fight with the disease.

Old Couple Infected With Coronavirus Says I Will Love You Forever To Each Other

The video of the old couple that went viral recently is definitely saddening because the purity of love shared by this husband and wife is so pure that it is making all of us emotional. We can not imagine the pain of true lovers that are on the verge of separating.

People around the world are sending heartfelt messaged for this old couple infected with the coronavirus.