Caring Husband Quit Smoking To Take His Family On A Vacation With All That Money


Many do not wish to quit smoking, as they fear who will take care of their nervous, irritable, and tense moments. They also fear the withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting, some are afraid of gaining weight, while some feel life would be boring without a smoke. Hence, all this discomfort that comes along with quitting, stops people from taking the step. But this husband in Taiwan had a very valid reason to quit so with all that money he saves from not smoking, could be utilized for taking his family on a vacation.

This husband made a decision to quit smoking, not that he was afraid of his lungs being damaged or being struck with cancer but. to save all that money and take his family on a vacation.

He went on to share his incredible reason and journey to quit smoking on Facebook, for which he was applauded and christened as the most sincere husband.

The very moment his first child came into this world, he made up his mind, never to burn another cigarette, in order to create a smoke-free and healthy surrounding favoring the child.

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And of course, become a responsible and committed father and a hero in the eyes of his child, which will one day make him proud of his decision to quit smoking.

As a committed husband and a sincere father, he began to save all that money, which he would have spent on buying cigarettes. The moment he would get an urge to smoke, he would put NT$50, which is US$ 1.62 aside.

Saving $1.62 every time he feels like smoking, has now turned into a daily practice for him. Well, the picture below shows all the NT$50 coins, which the husband collected in one year, laid out on the table.

husband quit smoking family vacation

The total NT$60,000 if converted to dollars is $1950.32, which is a decent amount for a family vacation in Taiwan.

Today, the husband can notice the positive differences his quit smoking decision has brought in his life, one is that he is now more healthy and the other is all that money he has saved for the family vacation.

Anyway, the husband would have quit smoking even if he never managed to save any money and that was considering his health and the newborn baby as a priority.

It takes a lot of pain to quit smoking and is not that easy, only those who have gone through that task, understand how painful it is.

But today, all those who have quit smoking are laughing away to a healthy lifestyle, which in fact, offers them more than just a smoke.

So, it’s now or never, if you want to survive from a smoky death and live life king size, then buckle up to quit smoking. Life has many better things to offer.