Boyfriend Learns English and Joins A Call Centre To Pay For Girlfriends College Tuition


Most people believe that having a solid career and a strong romantic relationship with a companion are the two things that define success in life. But everyone is not fortunate enough to have both, and some don’t even get one right. Sometimes people are very successful in their professional lives, but don’t have the time to keep their boyfriends or girlfriends happy. Or, they are so involved with their relationships that they tend to neglect their work commitments.

This amazing Boyfriend joins Call Centre pays Girlfriends College Tuition

Boyfriend Learns English and Joins A Call Centre To Pay For Girlfriends College Tuition

However, this couple from San Jose del Monte Philippines, Ador Adrian Gabrieles and Aira Arcamo have proved to the world, by showing everyone that dedication to success and each other is all you need to balance both and have a very happy and successful life. Aira was lucky to meet a Boyfriend who joined a Call Centre to pay for his Girlfriends College Tuition

Ador shared a post about his journey on social media, and netizens from all over the world had something to say about it. When at 18, Ador left school and had no job at hand. But he didn’t want the same to happen to his girlfriend. He wanted to see her go to college so that she could have a bright future.

In the beginning, Ador was ready to do any kind of work to fulfil his wish to educate his girlfriend. He tried being a bagger and messenger. Later, he decided to learn English, in order to get into a call centre.

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Ador was deeply moved when he saw his girlfriend cry over the admissions of her siblings to schools, as she was feeling left behind. That’s when he realised her strong desire to attend college and decided that he would do anything to earn money to pay for her college fees.

Although, at such a young age, Ador was looking for any job he could find. Finally, got a job as a bagger at Sanford Marketing (also known as, Savemore). He remembers his first interview, when the rain was pouring heavily, and he had to give the interview when he was soaking wet. But considering at the age of 18, Ador didn’t have any other skills and didn’t speak English, he felt fortunate to have that job.

He mentioned in his post, that he was often mistreated and disrespected by some of the customers. But only motivation that kept him going was that he was doing it for his girlfriend Aira.

He then put in a lot of effort into learning English, not just reading and writing but also speaking, so that he could land a job with the call centre before his contract at the store was completed. He tried in many call centres, only to be rejected. But, finally he scored a job in a BPO and then there was no turning back. He worked really hard at the call centre to support Aira’s dream about attending college and getting a successful career.

Aira is pursuing Bachelors of Arts in English language, and by April 2019, she will finally become a graduate. All credit to Adors hard work and dedication towards their relationship. There were times, when friends and family ridiculed Ador for sending his girlfriend to college, saying things like she would not care about him after she graduates from college. But Ador wanted to show her family that even though he was not as educated or qualified, he had the best intentions and means to take care of their daughter and their future together.

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Recently, Aira also mentioned that this is not just a one way street and when she gets a job she will be paying to educate her boyfriend.