Wife Turned Sleeping Husband into Mannequin to Enhance Her Clothes Sale Online


These days’ ideas are limited, but it is the creative execution that makes the idea stand different. And when it comes to selling stuff online the competition just goes up a notch. So it automatically becomes mandatory for online sellers to up their game. A woman from the Philippines recently went viral in the online space because of her creative and humorous way of selling clothes. She managed to display her clothes on her sleeping husband and turned into a mannequin.

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A good businesswoman will always know how to fulfill her requirements in limited resources, and Jocelyn knew it pretty well. Jocelyn May Jazareno Caday runs Jo’s Online Shoppe, which has recently become the talk of the town. She didn’t own a mannequin hence she turned her sleeping husband in her mannequin. She placed her fancy articles like skirts, dresses, pants, and everything else on top of him and captured him while he was enjoying his nap.

Meet the sleeping beauty!!! Let me tell you he has now become a fashion inspiration as he has aced each and every look!

Oniline sleeping mannequin

She couldn’t resist uploading the snaps on her Facebook page with the humorous caption “No mannequin? No problem! The effort is the key, sister!” And her journey of going viral started from here. The post attracted thousands of shares and reactions online. Her hilarious mannequin husband’s marketing strategy also attracted several international news portals that featured her story.

Oniline sleeping mannequin

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Watch out for the rest of his looks:


Oniline sleeping mannequin





Oniline sleeping mannequin


Oniline sleeping mannequin


Oniline sleeping mannequin


Oniline sleeping mannequin

The sleeping mannequin has brought her praises from all over the world and remarks that she has some amazing clothes that people should checkout. Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s husband has won hearts for being so cooperative.

We hope that this viral post leads her to many more buyers.