This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day


Food, water, and shelter are three basic necessities for survival. Every living creature has to manage these three things for their survival, including us humans. The sad part is, there is a major section of the human population that is actually experiencing a housing crisis. According to Yale University, around 150 million people living on this planet are homeless, and from those who have a home to live in, around 1.6 billion don’t live in safe or adequate conditions.

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In March last year, two companies unveiled their plans to remove homelessness.

A company named Icon, which is based in Austin, Texas, is currently “focused on creating sustainable building practices to make quality homes accessible to all”, as reported by Business Insider. A non-profit organization named New Story, whose focus is building reasonably priced homes in around the world. New Story and Icons have joined their hands together and they came up with an innovative idea for the same, this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin.

These two companies, Icons, and New Story built their home by a 3D printer which is comparatively very cheaper than a regular house and are also built in just in a day by this 3D printer.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day

At this moment, building such a house using 3D printer would cost around $10,000, but their goal is to bring the price to as low as 4,000.

Both the companies, together developed a new 3D printer and it is called the Vulcan. The printer uses mortar instead of ink, and prints the walls of the house layer by layer. Business Insider says that all the walls and the roof of the house can be made using the printer in less than 12 hours., or just in a day and post this, a worker is supposed to come and install the windows, doors, plumbing and electrical.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day


This house is a 650-square foot home that is open and is really beautiful. The home features beautiful windows and a covered patio that is around the two walls on the outside.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day

There is a beautiful living room.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day

You have your own small office.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day

And of course, a good bathroom.

This Home Is Made By A 3D Printer In Just A Day

Both of them have joined their hands together and have come to a plan of building 100 such houses in a place called El Salvador by the next year. They might also begin selling these houses in the United States of America.

Living in a house made by a 3D printer is much of a futuristic feeling and some people might also think that that is bizarre, because seeing 3D printed homes are very uncommon. The reality is, the idea of 3D printed homes makes more sense because they’re cheaper and they allow more personalization and customization than any traditional method. Also, it is to note that this method produces very less waste.With the introduction to 3D printing just a few years ago, giants have been trying to aim to revolutionize the way we build our homes.

It was in 2015 that a Chinese company Winsun gained a lot of attention for creating a 3D mansion and a tower.Such structures provided us with the first proofs of the concept and they also succeeded in making everyone realize the actual power of 3D printing technology that can make homes in just a day.

Eindhoven, which is a city in the Netherlands, put forward its plan of making 3D houses and the first five homes are set to come to market by the next year.On speaking to a manager from the Van Wijren construction, Rudy Van Gurp, we told, “In the Netherlands, we have a shortage of bricklayers and people who outside, and so it [3D printing] offers a solution to that,”

“We like the look of the houses at the moment, as this is an innovation and it is a very futuristic design, But we are already looking to take a step further, and people will be able to design their own homes and then print them out.”