Remember The Girl Who Said That The Police Allegedly Forced Her? The CCTV Footage Says Something Else


Everyone out there is discussing Megha Sharma the girl who removed her clothes in order to resist going with the cops who insisted her to come police station with him. It so happened that Megha who lives in a residential complex got in an argument with the security guard of the building at 1 p.m. Eventually the girl called up the police and accused the guard of harassing her. But what happened really was she called up the security guard and instructed him to bring a pack of cigarettes for her but when the guard denied they got into the heated argument.

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People were sympathetic towards Megha after seeing the video that went viral which showed that she was continuously refusing the police to not follow her by stopping the lift and let her go. She said that she would visit the police station the next day and that her lawyer would talk to them. But after being continuously resisted from going out of anger and frustration she started removing her clothes. As a result of the video, the people around the corner of the country supported the girl and were furious at the police and the security guard for treating the girl with disrespect.

But the CCTV footage that went viral completely change the entire picture. The CCTV footage shows that it was Megha who first attacked and harassed the security guard and not the guard as claimed by her. This video as captured by the CCTV footage shows that Megha was the one who first raised hands on the security guards and even kicked him.

Another video of Model Megha Sharma where she can be clearly seen assaulting the guard first. This woman has got the guard arrested on charges of molestation now. This is just so sick. Unbelievable. A woman is allowed to assault others then strip to play victim. Society supports her no matter what she does.Courtesy: @News24TvChannel on Twitter

Posted by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Till now it has not been clearly established that whether the guard or Megha was at the fault. Only a proper investigation into the matter can bring the real culprit out.

You Be The Judge

Another urban feminist tamasha. This time, in Mumbai's Oshiwara

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