Filipina Woman Blocked Pakistani Lover Immediately after Receiving The Money, He Sent to Help Her!


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Women are often termed as miser as they hesitate from spending money. They enjoy their boyfriends or husbands spending money on them, and providing them with all sorts of assets. One such incident has come into light from Filipina where a woman blocked her Pakistani Lover immediately after receiving money from him.

Social media and dating apps have helped a number of people find their partners, but there are many cases where people made a fool out of themselves. People from different states and countries come in contact and lead their love stories, nobody knows the ending whether it is happy or sad?

People from Filipina are known to be very caring, loving and patient. It is said that a Filipino wife is the best partner one can desire of. But this woman has damaged the reputation of all Filipino women.

Mafie Mahlum Sahdikh, a Pakistani man shared an incident and some photographs, which will definitely make you laugh, but for him, it’s a huge loss. The post he shared shows a woman on a video call holding money. The Pakistani man had sent money to that woman.

The Pakistani man shared that the woman has said that she needed some money urgently as her father was hospitalized. He sent her money to help her, but she blocked him as soon as she received the money.

The man is infuriated and is blaming all women of Filipina for the same. The woman fled away but has managed to leave a bad impression of all Filipinos. Everybody in Filipina is not like that girl, but it is well said and believed that the first impression is the last impression.

If you ever come across someone on social media don’t trust them blindly. Take enough time to identify the right human. Otherwise, there will be many people like this Pakistani man who will help in love, and get blocked in return!