Discarded Face Masks and Gloves are a New Threat To Ocean Life


When everyone is talking about the healing and recovering nature as a bright side of this pandemic, we have discovered a new danger that soon could become a threat to ocean life. Due to the coronavirus, everybody is advised to wear masks and gloves as a preventive measure to save themselves from the coronavirus but now what seemed like prevention is causing a lot of danger to the society. The face masks and gloves that are discarded are piling up on the streets, near the beaches, on the roadways, etc. This problem could lead to some serious threats in the future.

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discarded face masks and gloves are a new threat to ocean life

Environmentalists are constantly warning people to not discard their face masks and gloves incorrectly. It is sad to see that people are not even bothered to dump their face masks and gloves at the right place and their ignorant behavior is going to cause a lot of harm to society and especially ocean life. In order to save ourselves, we shouldn’t forget that it is our responsibility to save the environment too.


Not only it will leave a detrimental impact on our society but it can also cause a lot of danger to human life when it gets exposed to the workers who are working in the area. Maria Algarra has been trying to spend awareness about it with her #TheGloveChallenge. She is also the founder of the Clean This Beach Up campaign.

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discarded face masks and gloves are a new threat to ocean life

Maria explained, “It not only causes the risk to wildlife but to other people who could get infected, our sanitation workers and other shoppers for example, when gloves are left in carts.”

She continued, “Plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces until micro-plastic is everywhere. It’s toxic, and it’s in what we’re eating and drinking. There’s no way to clean up micro-plastics. Once trash makes it into the ocean and breaks into smaller pieces, it’s almost impossible to take it back.”

discarded face masks and gloves are a new threat to ocean life

“With the glove challenge, it’s about education. That’s the key for us to do better as a community and as humans. We can’t expect people to change their ways if they don’t know what they’re doing wrong.”