Angry Mother Strikes Her Teen Daughter With Flip-Flop From Incredibly Long Distance To Stop Her


Mothers are the most important person in our life. They nurture us and protects us from everything negative. However, this fact is not to be taken granted. Why? Though your mother loves you more than anything and everything in this world, once you piss her off, and she gets angry, nothing in this damn world can save you from her. You can never get away from the wrath of an angry mother. Don’t believe me? Well, what this angry mother does to her daughter with a flip-flop is going to make you a believer.

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1. Quite common

The fights between a teenage daughter and her mother is quite common. Some teenagers also storm out of the house in anguish. This case is absolutely different.

2. Not common

This hilarious scene took place in Mexico when a teenage daughter ran out of their house after fighting with her mother. The twist here is what the angry woman did with her flip-flop.

3. According to Twitter

Twitter is erupting with the most funniest of comments that we can’t stop laughing at. Well, you can’t blame them right? This angry mother and her amazing flip-flop throwing skill is something really worth commenting for.

4. Credit goes to

This video was posted on twitter by @nino_triqui and it has received more than 1.3 million views, 27k retweets and 61k likes. People just can’t stop talking about the bizzare talent that the mother possess. Yeah, that’s actually a talent. Forget 30 meters, sometimes things don’t even cross the distance of .03 meters when I throw them.

5. The transcription


The video starts with the angry mom yelling at her daughter. The daughter then runs away from her mom. In order to stop the daughter, this angry mom removes one of her flip-flop and throws it at her daughter. You can hear a man in the background who’s encouraging this angry mom to throw the flip-flop. Eventually, the mother throws the flip-flop and, shockingly it covers a distance of approximately 30 meters and hits the daughter at her back. The daughter then falls to the ground because of the impact. The angry mother then calms down and starts laughing at her own act.

We are sorry if you took your mom as a harmless being. If you want to avoid a flying flip-flop at your direction, stop pissing her off.