Story Of A High School Dropout Akshay Girme Who Is Ruling The Digital World Like A Boss


In today’s world where education is considered the key to success in life. Today we would like to tell you a story about a young boy who proved that without any higher academic education you could succeed in life If u have the will and determination to achieve the things you desire.

Story Of A High School Dropout Akshay Girme Who Is Ruling The Digital World Like A Boss

The story is about a boy name AKSHAY GIRME who was born and raised in a small village of Maharashtra. Akshay was born in a middle-class family and has only been able to study until 10th STD in a Marathi medium school because of the poor financial condition of his home.  He was always interested in computers and technology but because of the financial difficulties, he didn’t get any help from his family to pursue his dream in the technology field.

Akshay was determined and committed to his dreams. He knew no one would come to help him so he’s gonna have to do it on his own. He started to save his pocket money and went to a Cybercafe to gain knowledge of different things about computers and technology. In 2012 his interest grew in digital media marketing and he found out that this is what he wants to do and pursue as a career. So from then on, he started to learn the digital marketing full time and after so much time and dedication of years, he mastered almost every aspect of digital marketing.

Story Of A High School Dropout Akshay Girme Who Is Ruling The Digital World Like A Boss

On October 2018 Akshay Girme started his own digital marketing company name AD MEDIA and in just a span of few months, the company became a big name in the digital marketing field. The company operates from Pune, Maharashtra and currently manages most of the Marathi Cinema’s promotion. Today AD Media is highly appreciated by Marathi celebrities, actors, directors for its work.

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AD MEDIA  is among one of the biggest Digital Marketing company in India and it so popular amongst the youth. A 10th std pass high school drop out boy is today is an owner of a huge company and earning lacs. Who would’ve thought that a school drop out boy with no support and poor financial background would be this successful? No one right but with hard work, dedication, determination and the will to succeed and never give up attitude made it possible for Akshay Girme.

Once a boy didn’t even have the money to continue his study to a guy who owns a company he has for a long way. Akshay’s success story is so inspiring and encouraging. Despite all the difficulties, problems and lack of resources he never quit and continuously worked for his dream. The never say die attitude of Akshay finally paid him off.

We congratulate and wish all the best to Akshay Girme for his brighter future. He is an inspiration to so many youths these days. We hope that Akshay will keep growing bigger and keep inspiring all of us.