Disney Launched The First Trailer For Frozen 2


If Disney’s Frozen is still in your watchlist, here’s news for you. Disney launched the trailer of it’s 2013’s hit Frozen. The much-awaited sequel for the animated musical is finally knocking at our door. This is just the first trailer for Frozen 2. The movie won our hearts the first time. However, the first trailer for Frozen 2 looks quite unnerving. The directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck still haven’t revealed anything and the trailer itself doesn’t shed light upon the questions. The first trailer for Frozen 2 is wordless. It’s a collection of scenes where each character is trying to achieve an aim. This is the teaser trailer from Disney and us sure as hell won’t mind another trailer for our favorite movie.

Disney Launched The First Trailer For Frozen 2 And It's Not What We Expected

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The first trailer of Disney’s Frozen 2 shows the characters facing different crisises. The queen Elsa voiced by Idina Menzel has been shown trying to escape an abandoned island by running across the raging ocean. Meanwhile her sister Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell and Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff were shown facing their own crisis. The feel of the teaser for Disney’s Frozen 2 is sombre and gloomy. Olaf, the comic relief is barely seen in the entire trailer.

We know how trailers are at times deceiving. Some teasers also provide the viewer with a different focal point than the actual movie but this one shows a more mature side of the characters. Disney has also released an official logline for Frozen 2. It reads, “Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are going far in the forest to know the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom”. Disney is spot-on with creating the hype for Frozen 2.

There’s a slight relief though. The directors have confirmed that Frozen 2 will also be a musical like it’s prequel. Their “Let It Go” was probably everyone’s favorite. And, it also bagged an Oscar in 2013 for the Best Original Song. The original songwriters Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez are again returning to mesmerize the audience with the best numbers.

Disney has scheduled the release for the much anticipated movie on 22nd November, 2019. It will get a wide theatrical release on the said date.