Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest Is Burning At A Record Rate, And The Devastation Can Be Seen From Space


Amazon Rainforest that is spread up to 5,500,000 square kilometers area is on fire! The rainforest in Brazil is the victim of forest fire and it is burning with a record rate according to the researchers. This is a very bad sign considering the health of our planet and this should really scare you. The Amazonian Rainforests that is known for providing 20% of the earth’s oxygen is burning from weeks and this is a devastating blow to our fight against climate change as per the scientists.

forest fire

As per the National Institute for Space Research, the fires are burning at the highest rate. There’s literally so much smoke in Brazil right now that you can not differentiate between day and night. This is not it, the sky in Sao Paulo that is thousands of kilometer away from Brazil randomly turned black in the day time and the researchers say that it is because of the smoke from the burning Amazon Rainforest.

The smoke has covered half of the country already and it is also spilling over the neighboring countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The Amazon Rainforests in Amazon has experienced 74,155 fires since January and it is 85% more than that of last year.


According to the INPE researcher, the forest wildfire is triggered by the dry season that creates a favorable condition for the spread of fire. But at the end of the day, humans are to blame for this devastation because this is the work of us, either deliberately or by accident.

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Amazon Rainforest burning

The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is one of the most biologically diverse regions on Earth and it is at the brisk of experiencing land clearing operations. European says that the fires have led to a clear spike in carbon monoxide emissions. And let me tell you if humans or animals breath carbon monoxide for a significant amount of time it will be a threat to their life.

Amazon Rainforest Burning

I can’t even begin to think about those poor animals who are being the victim of this huge tragedy. All we are thinking about is how this wildfire is going to affect us but what we forgot to think is that it is already taking lives of god knows how many animals in the rainforest.

Everybody out there reading about the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil but how many of you are actually doing something to compensate with the loss that we are experiencing? It is easy to read or write about climate change but it takes guts to take a step. In a worst-case scenario, if we do not take any effective steps to deal with the climate change right now, then everything will be out of our hands till 2050. The condition of the earth will be beyond the point where trees could recover it.

Fire in Amazon Rainforest Brazil