Boyfriend Calls Her “Fat Piece of Garbage”, She Takes The Sweetest Revenge


When we start a new relationship, it is pretty obvious to expect happy times and good things, nobody expects that he or she would end up with a dual diagnosis of extreme depression and bad food habits. Neither did Alvina Rayne from Philadelphia expected it. But unfortunately, she ended her relationship at a stage where her boyfriend started calling her “Fat Piece of Garbage”, but the girl took the sweetest revenge ever.

Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

Rayne is a mom of two and a few years back she started dating a guy and gradually gained weight.

Well! the lady was not always obese, she was normal until she got involved in a relationship with her boyfriend who started using abusive language. The boy never treated the girl well and even tortured her emotionally as well as physically. But like many girls in such type of relationship, the girl was not ready to break off with her boyfriend, because whenever she tried to do so, her boyfriend threatened her by saying that she would never lose weight or get another man than him.

Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

Going through this emotional and physical torture she started feeling depressed which lead her to bad food habits. Because of her horrible food habits, she started gaining weight and with time she became so fat that she had to buy men’s clothing. Even performing her daily activities became exhausting for her.

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Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

On the other side, his devil boyfriend didn’t help her in bad times but tortured her even more. And to cope up with all this junk food became her salvation.

In 2009, when she reached her heaviest weight, 274 pounds, her boyfriend called her a “Fat Piece of Garbage” and ugly. And this is when something inside her actually clicked and she decided to think for herself and her children. She took a strong step then and left her cruel boyfriend.

Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

She didn’t only leave her devil boyfriend in 2009 but also decided to get the sweetest revenge ever by achieving a perfect figure. So she made a proper diet and started following a healthy lifestyle. She switched to low carbs and whenever her tongue craved for junk food she reminded herself the bitter words of her ex. His words “Fat Piece of Garbage” became a driving force behind Alvina’s drastic transformation.

Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

Today, Alvina is a successful blogger who inspires others to follow a healthy lifestyle. After losing 130 pounds she once went to meet her ex’s mom who was amazed by her new appearance. The news soon reached to her ex as well and he instantly called her and said “I heard you put on some hotness”, during their conversation the guy even asked her to get back with him but Alvina clearly denied and made him realized that this would never happen.

So this is how Alvina took the sweetest revenge of his cruel sentence “Fat Piece of Garbage”. The mother of two is happily married to a guy named, Sascha who values her like gold.

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Boyfriend Calls “Fat Piece of Garbage”, Sweetest Revenge

Image Source: Instagram/alvinarayne