What To Do If You Are Stuck In Tall Building During Earthquake? Here’s The Answer


Earthquakes are unexpected natural calamities. It is a result of movements within Earth’s crust. But what if you are stuck in a tall building during the earthquake crisis? Many people tend to lose their basic senses and rush out to save their lives. But this will definitely make the situation worse and many people may die due to this.

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Tall buildings during earthquake

In an earthquake, if you are on an upper story of a building, do not try to leave the building during the earthquake. Though you can leave the building after the earthquake for a proper damage inspection. Being far from any building during and after this particular natural calamity is a good thing, but trying to leave buildings during an earthquake can result in serious issues.

tall buildings during earthquake

Here are some of the considerations that must be taken during the quake when you are stuck in a tall building

Running down the stairs or walking during an earthquake is dangerous because the floor is eventually shaking which can have adverse effects. Cover yourself at a safe place in a building, as the falling debris can cause you an injury.

If you ever try to leave the building there will be a risk of you falling down the building. And getting hit by debris will also be an issue. Earthquakes last for a very minimal time. And this time is definitely not sufficient to get out of a building.

tall buildings during earthquake

So it is considered best to stay inside. During quakes, the front facades of buildings start falling down. So if you even make it to the exit door, you won’t be able to go out of it. Falling facade materials, such as brick and glass, can and do kill people outside of buildings during earthquakes.

what to do if you are stuck in tall buildings during earthquake

At the last case, even if the building gets collapsed. You can hide in a void, which will let you survive.

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