Japanese Man Dated And Romanced A Cockroach Then Ate It After It Died


We hear various strange love stories in the world that made us wonder about the insanity of love. It’s a known fact that people do crazy things when they are in love but none of that would compare to what we are going to present you today. Loving animals more than humans is acceptable but romanticizing them is something that makes us cringe. And this is the story of this Japanese man who not only dated a Cockroach but also had wet dreams with it. If this is not enough to shook you, then let us tell you, this man even ate the cockroach after it died.

japanese man dated a cockroach

Yuta Shinohara, a Japanese man purchased a Cockroach from Africa just a year ago. And started dating it. He even named the Cockroach Lisa. But for Yuta Shinohara, just dating Lisa was not romantic enough. He also had wet dreams about it where he imagined himself being its size and making love with it or vice versa that Lisa became giant to his size and they both are getting intimate. Yes, we are still talking about the cockroach.

japanese man dated a cockroach

Due to the short life span of this insect, it died some time ago. But Yuta Shinohara didn’t stopped loving Lisa. Finally he decided to ate the cockroach so that it could become the part of him forever. The Japanese man believed Lisa was the love of his life and in order to make them inseparable, Yuta decided to ate the cockroach.

Yuta Shinohara is himself a very interesting man despite the fact that he dated a cockroach. Professionally, he is a cook who is working on Bug Cuisine. The dishes that he present are bug cocktail, insect pastries and noodles with mealworm or cricket. When not in Kitchen, Shinohara loves to spend his time in nature especially with his tree on which he loves to sleep.

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