Dua Lipa Reacts To The Fan’s ‘Marry Me’ T-Shirt In Her Concert In The Kindest Way


A religious fan of the popular celebrity singer, Dua Lipa has disclosed the way he used his shirt to propose to Dua, who with utmost respect rejected his proposal at one of her concerts.

In the most current video uploaded on the social media platform, TikTok, a person having the username @dulapeepguy explained how he designed his t-shirt in tribute to Lipa and to wear the t-shirt at Dua’s “Future Nostalgia” tour.

Dua lipa who is 26-year-old could be witnessed in a bedazzled bodysuit and moving around the stage. She had her microphone in her hand, her eyes went to the TikTok user in the crowd and so she called him out regarding his outfit.

“You have a nice t-shirt. What’s that? Is that ‘Marry me Dula Peep?’” she can be seen asking, the t-shirt had her popular nickname, which all started with Wendy Williams. The cameras panned on to show the face of the user named @dulapeepguy, who had a big smile on his face. The ” New Rules” singer then respectfully rejected his marriage proposal, before asking him to sing a song to him, if he wants.

Dua Lipa Reacts To The Fan's 'Marry Me’ T-Shirt


“Unfortunately, I can’t marry you,” Lipa said. “But I can dedicate this song to you if you like.”

Dua Lipa Reacts To The Fan's 'Marry Me’ T-Shirt


The man asked, “for me?” Lipa then said responding to his question: “For you.” The fan further told her how much he loves her, to which she responded that she loved him too. Dua Lipa jokingly bent down and danced at the same time looking at his fan, while she began her next song, “Good In Bed”.

This viral video was again posted to @duafver, a fanmade account posting content about the singer Dua Lipa. Until 15th August this video had over 4.7m views, with people exclaiming how they would have reacted in case they were the ones noticed by the “One Kiss”’ singer.

The comments went on like, “What I would give to have Dua Lipa dedicate a song to me,” said one user. “If I were him I’d be crying myself to sleep,” another one added.

While few people simply stated how much they love and adore the singer.

“She is the cutest human being alive,” said one.

“Gawd.. she’s dreamy,” added another. “Crushing it with that outfit.”