Man Married 32 Women, And Blamed His OnePlus Phone For The Same!


There are a number of things around us we can seek inspiration from. The inspiration can be either negative or positive, but we rarely seek inspiration out of anything. We just note down things so that later we can sit and blame our life for being so bad to us. If you feel that your married life has become boring then this man should definitely provide you with an alternative as well as an excuse. But the incident that I am going to share will definitely make you believe that inspiration can be extracted out of anything, be it a OnePlus phone.

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A man from Delhi took up this very weird and hilarious initiative of marrying 32 women. When his act came into the light he blamed his OnePlus phone for the same. He stated that his phone has this tagline “Never settle” which made him do the same. He confessed in front of the police that for the first time when he turned on his OnePlus phone it said “Never Settle” and it inspired him to never settle in life resulting him being with multiple women, one at a time.

 The man explained himself to the police saying that he used his OnePlus phone’s 64GB, like 2GB space for keeping nudes of each of his wives. During his confrontation, he confessed in front of the police that it was totally okay to have as many wives as possible because at the end of the day “THESE MAAGIS AIN’T LOYAL” anyway. The police also agreed to his statement and released him. Now he is in the mood to switch his OnePlus phone with Samsung Galaxy S9 because “NEXT IS NOW”.

So the next time you feel useless in your life, buy yourself a new thing with some interesting stuff with some interesting tagline which can be blamed for the deeds you commit in your life.