Best Pictures of Breathtaking Pink Supermoon Of 2020 From All Over The Internet


When everyone is locked down in their homes right now, the earth decided to give us all the mesmerizing glimpse of the pink supermoon of 2020. The images of this breathtaking view surfaced all over the internet and people from all over the world came forward to share the pink supermoon from their respective areas. Twitter was flooded with the gorgeous images of this nature’s beauty and here we are presenting the best of them.

Best Pictures of Breathtaking Pink Supermoon Of 2020 From All Over The Internet

On 8th April, the Universe blessed the earth with one of the best scenic beauties ever seen. The pink supermoon of 2020 occurred at 8:05 AM IST however it could differ from country to country. The phenomenon of the occurrence of the Supermoon occurs when the moon is 10% closer to the earth and that’s what happened on Tuesday giving us a breathtaking view.



People from all over the world came outside with their cameras during this time of isolation and clicked one of the best masterpieces. As soon as the pink supermoon was visible in the sky, people gathered in their balconies, terrace, backyard, windows, or even at some beautiful natural locations to capture the supermoon in their cameras.

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From Italy to Britain, Dubai to New Jersey, India to France, the moon was clearly visible from all the countries and due to less pollution, the view was more clear. The mesmerizing pictures of the supermoon flooded the internet at night and we couldn’t help but be impressed with these captures.

The astronomical event occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and that is why it appears brighter and larger. During these times when people are following the protocols of social distancing and self isolation because of the novel coronavirus, the event like this showed the world that nature could make us forget the world even our worst miseries.


Rakshanda Chandole
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