Video Shows Massive Outburst In Beirut, Capital of Lebanon


Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any worse, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon got hit with the worst nightmare. The massive outburst that happened recently took away the lives of dozens who were in close proximity to the area and thousands have been severely injured.

The cause of the massive explosion is unknown yet but as you can clearly see in the videos shown below, the smoke was billowing before the explosion, which suggests that fire was already there.

People on the internet are very disheartened with the news for very obvious reasons and the shared videos of different social media channels of the massive explosion in Beirut show us the intensity of the blast.

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All the buildings in the nearby area are destroyed and because there was a fire-cracker factory in the neighborhood, there were some highly explosive materials present there, and that caused the blast to be even more severe.

The huge tragedy hit the capital of Lebanon at very sensitive times with all the economic crises reigniting old divisions.

The media people reported dozens of dead bodies at the scene and the view is terrified to even watch. We are just praying for the family of those who lost their loved ones in this huge tragedy and give strength to those who are injured because of this outburst.