Beauty Contestant Dresses As A Clown On Weekends To Make Money For Stray Animals


This is the story of a 42-year-old woman, who works as a beauty contestant on weekdays. Yet, makes time to dress up as a clown on weekends and take care of stray animals out of love. We are talking about Nazirah Abd Rahman of Malaysia who decided to work and make money for stray animals even on holidays.

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NAzirah dressed up as a clown on weekends to make money

Nazirah is not just a full-time employee but she is also a mother of three. And even then out of her love for stray dogs and cats, she has set an example to the world. In a world where there are headlines of cruelty against the beautiful creatures of nature, there is still hope. Nazirah has proven once again that if you want to do it, you’ll make time for it, even for animals.

Nazirah on a bike for the stray animals dressed up as a clown on weekends

If you want to know how she does it then pay a visit to the Konda Kondi café. She is available dressed as a clown on weekends and enjoying her work to raise money for the stray animals.

In a conversation with MalayMail, Nazirah shared that she is determined to help these animals and is happy to be able to do so. The reason that she chose to work on weekends is to raise enough money for the street and sweet residents.

Beauty contestant on weekdays feeding stray animals as she makes money working as a clown on weekends

Nazirah not only manages to feed the hungry stray animals but also takes them to the veteran if needed. And all these funds are covered by her working as a clown on weekends at a café in the local area.

Working as Clown on weekends for stray animals

She further shared that she sympathizes with the animals as they cannot express their pain and hunger by words. This makes her manage two jobs, one as a beauty contestant on weekdays and then as a clown on weekends.

“So whenever I find stray cats or dogs, I will feed them and if they are wounded, I will bring them to the veterinarian,” she added further.

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She has been doing this now for 4 years and has given shelter to 50 cats at her own place. Despite being a mother of three and working on the weekdays, she is putting in great efforts. And what excites her more are her children who have begun to help her taking care of stray animals.

Beauty contestant on weekdays provides shelter to stray animals at home while makes money working as a clown on weekends