“Selfie Dad” Becomes Internet Sensation For Scoffing His Daughter


Teenagers find themselves addictive with selfies and on the other hand parents find it idiotic selfie trend. The sensational trend has been implemented by millions of teenagers. As per the reports millions of selfies updates within a minute.  Here we have “Selfie Dad”  who becomes the most trending talk on the internet because he scoffed his daughter for her selfies.
After seeing plenty of selfies from his daughter, Martin decided to do something constructive. Instead of dictating or scolding, he started scoffing his girl’s selfies, he did the same thing on the Instagram.

Check it out this funny Chris Burr Martin Scoffed His Daughter Cassie!

1. Crop Tops With Checked Shirts Are An Attractive Thing:

“Selfie Dad”, Chris Burr Martin tried to copy his daughter in a sarcastic way that his girl might feel shame on it. His intentions are clear just to make his girl realize that being addictive with selfies trend isn’t a good thing in long term aspects.


“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


2. Let’s Play The Tarzan’s Role To Teach Some Lessons To His Daughter:

It might seem that here is father tried to play a role of Tarzan, but it’s hard to identify who is s3xier among both of them.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


3. “Selfie Dad” Imitates Entire Posture Of His Daughter: 

To be precise, the father also seems a bit of s3xy.  The father copied the entire posture of his daughter, from sketch to the tattoo.

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4. Hopefully, the Daughter Will Minimize Her Selfie Obsession:

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a beard, otherwise, they both look the same.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


5. The Duck Face:

However, her father tried to make the same pout as his girl, but unfortunately, he can’t. But got the eyeliner absolutely perfect.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter

6. The Most Entertaining Picture: 

Here, the girl tried to make a face of the duck, and as it is father tried to copy it.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


7. Chris Continues To Teach The Life Lessons:

I think, Chris has taken the oath that he won’t be stopping himself, till his daughter understand his perception regarding #Selfie obsession.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


8. Striking A Pose: the Followers of Chris Has Doubled Than Cessie:

Chris’s charming personality and innovative approach have attracted 1,39,000 followers on Instagram. It is double from his girl Cessie.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter

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9. That’s Something Different. Chris Never Minds To Poke Himself:

The mirror selfie. Chris copied her girl as it is.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


10. Chris Updates At least 3 Posts A Day:

The followers have replicated that this father updates at least 3 posts in a day. That’s something weird as well as interesting.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


11. Chris Has Copied Perfectly Her Girl’s Pose:


“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


12. Sir, You Did Something Funny, But It Is An Inspiration: 

Whatever he did with his daughter, is to just teach her a great lesson. We should applaud this father because instead of scolding or putting some extra pressure on her girl, he preferred to a different approach which might be useful in long term aspects.

“Selfie Dad” scoffed his daughter


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