Here’s A Video That Shows The Reality Of What Smoking Does To Your Lungs


People are quite aware of what smoking can do to them but they still choose to smoke. According to a survey by CDC, 38million Americans are still into smoking. The terrifying results of what smoking does merely touch the surface as your health complications.

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This article will tell you how terribly smoking affects your living. According to a survey report by NHS if you smoke daily it leads to following damages to heart and your respiratory system.

This Video Shows What Smoking Does To Your Lungs


What smoking really does to your lungs?

1. When you smoke daily your immune power falls down terribly. You more easily get susceptible to a cough and cold. Pneumonia, lung cancer, emphysema are the dangerous and life taking diseases caused by smoking. Lung cancer can result in death by 84%.

Here's A Video That Shows The Reality Of What Smoking Does To Your Lungs


2. It contracts the airways and ruins your tissue thus making breathing difficult. People who suffer from COPD will more frequently get a shortage of breath during hectic activities. They also suffer from a quick and regular chest infection and phlegmy coughs.


3. There are chances of throat and mouth cancer. If you smoke daily it leads to an expansion in lungs thus making it harder for you to breathe.


Lungs are equipped with minute air sacks which aid in oxygen exchange. But smoking destroys these air sacks that don’t grow back thus leading to a permanent damage to your lungs. Smoking destroys cilia the minute hairs in your air passages. Cilia kills mucus and dirt to make sure your lungs remain healthy and functions properly. That is why smokers are more tend toward a cough and cold.

Here's A Video That Shows The Reality Of What Smoking Does To Your Lungs


Even if you are not suffering from lung cancer chances are you will still die soon because smokers suffer from heart disease and infection according to BMJ journals.

A North California nurse Amanda Eller was determined to make the world aware of what smoking does to your lungs and uploaded a video depicting the difference between a smoker and non-smoker heart in 20 years. There are two parts to the video which the first part shows what happens when you take smoke air into your lungs and what Happens when you take it out. The color of the two lungs clearly differentiates between the lungs of the smoker and non-smoker.

Cancerous, 1 pack per day for 20 years lungs 😳 versus heathy lungs. Still wanna smoke?

Posted by Amanda Eller on Monday, April 23, 2018

After seeing the video you might realize how dangerous smoking can be and how immediately you need to stop it.